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Staughton Group features as case study of growth in ANZ Annual Review

We’ve been lucky enough to participate in ANZ’s Business Growth Program recently, a program aimed at mentoring Australian businesses for fast track growth. For the leadership team here at Staughton Group its been invaluable in helping plan for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in our marketplace. It appears we’ve impressed ANZ too – we’ve just featured in their 2017 Annual Review as a case study for innovation, efficiency and growth. Below is an excerpt from that review, you can read the full piece on ANZ’s 2017 Annual Review website:

“With our help, the Staughton Group has grown impressively over the past five years, and now employs more than 200 people.

Its growth is supported by a commitment to constant innovation, increasing efficiency, and a desire to reduce waste. It has spent countless hours perfecting methods for packing and storing pet-food in bulk, resulting in the reduction of thousands of kilograms of packaging that would otherwise be an additional cost and would end up in landfill.

As the company has increased in size, our Business Growth program has been there to help manage its transition. The results speak for themselves — not only was the Staughton Group Regional Exporter of the Year, but Edward Staughton was also New South Wales Young Entrepreneur of the Year.”

We’d like to thank ANZ for all their ongoing support and help and look forward to the years of growth ahead.