Who we are

Staughton Group

Staughton Group was shaped when one of Australia’s first farming families became partners in an offal processing facility. Over 30 years, the group has grown from a meagre waste processing plant to producing the highest quality Australian food ingredients on a large scale.

Through its member entities, Staughton Group strives to maintain its place as the go-to for local and multi-national businesses looking for a partner in food manufacturing.

Our manufacturing divisions

Cool Off

Australia’s premier producer of pet food raw meats

Cool Off Pty Ltd is Australia’s premier producer of pet food raw meats. A primarily B2B focus, it was established as a collector to aggregate and freeze natural fall offals from Australian abattoirs. Cool Off has subsequently expanded operations to include premium meat meal production and mechanically deboned meat. Using the best technology and engineering, Cool Off is able to deliver the freshest raw meat products to pet food suppliers globally.

Murray River Pet Food

Australia’s largest producer of premium dried food ingredients.

Using innovative air drying technology, Murray River Pet Food manufactures dehydrated pet treats for the Australian and international markets, through both private label manufacturing and our own brands. With capacity to supply up to large amounts of premium Australian meat products, Murray River Pet Food is constantly expanding and developing new processes to ensure our products are top quality, ground-breaking and accessible to the wholesale and retail markets.

Our brands

Open Paddock

Ethical and sustainable

Know what goes into your pet food. With QR codes and Country of Origin labels on our packs you can see the source of every ingredient. Ethically and sustainably sourced with higher welfare meat including RSPCA Approved chicken and ASC certified salmon. Healthy, natural, food and treats for pets.

Balanced Life

Premium air dried raw food & treats

A holistic range of pet foods and treats, Balanced Life marks a return to a natural diet that’s packed full of premium Australian meat, enriched with superfoods like kelp, alfalfa, coconut and cranberries, and delivered naturally – gently air dried to lock in maximum nutritional value. Just add water for the best dog food there is.

Vets All Natural

A leading holistic pet food brand

Vets All Natural is a dog and cat food, treats and supplement brand unlike any other. Founded in 1995 and a pioneer in natural, raw, holistic diets for pets our goal is simple: give your pet the very best natural nutrition they need to live the longest, healthiest and happiest life they can.

Aussie Pet Health

Healthy, natural treats

Aussie Pet Health is a retail brand of Australian treats available in major pet retailers. The treats are made from meat and bones sourced from human grade facilities in Australia. No artificial flavours or preservatives, no deep frying, smoking, chemical drying or artificial processing. Just 100% Australian, dried pet treats that are completely natural.